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Southside Mothers of Multiples Club
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New Membership

Information about what SMOMC offers to club members


Thank you for your interest in the Southside Mothers of Multiples Club. We hope that you find this organization full of information, support and most of all fun for you and your family. We ask that you attend our meetings as frequent as possible to show support and maybe offer some advice to new members. Participation is what makes our club successful every year.

Below are some of the things Southside Mothers of Multiples Club offers our members.

Open discussion on anything from parenting two newborns, potty training twins, or whether or not to separate at school.

Crafts! We supply the directions and the materials on occasional meetings. (any easy ideas are welcomed)

Refreshments- the club provides the main dish and drinks, we ask that once in a while, you being something to share.

Discuss up coming consignment sale issues.

Professional speakers, any where from Pediatric Dentist to wall paper/decorating

A night out on the town. Occasionally we will hold meetings at a near by restaurant for a relaxing evening where the club will provide the odourves. We have even been known to head out to a bowling alley for a few games!

We offer a monthly newsletter for our club via email. Announcements of new members and births of twins are included. Members are encouraged to enter articles, stories, and ideas to make life easier with raising twins or even great recipes to share with other members. So think of something you would like to share and call our Newsletter Editor!

We offer monthly playgroups around the county. Siblings are included if so desired. If you have any ideas on where to meet, please feel free to suggest.

The club provides a party for all your children.  We have a great fall set up and fun things for the kids!

The club offers two separate Christmas parties. One is for your children. We bring in Mr. And Mrs. Clause and have a photographer to capture the moment (beats waiting in line at the malls!) We ask that you bring a gift for each of your children (amount to be discussed in meeting/newsletter)
The second party is for mom only. Where we hold the party will be up to the votes of club members.

To kick of the spring and celebrate Easter. We sometimes have a photographer scheduled around this time for Easter pictures.

We hold a consignment sale for the spring and fall. All members are encouraged to sell, shop and help work the sale when it is open to the public. Great way to get out the old and get in the new for your twins ever growing needs. Each shift a member works is 5% less of her sales that she has to give back to the please sign up for any shift that you could work. This is what makes our sale a success.

Every year around mothers day the club will hold a Mothers Day dinner at a local restaurant. Members are responsible for a portion their own meal/drink, but its a wonderful evening full of talking and sharing.  We also like to play a few fun games with prizes!


Membership dues are renewed every summer. Membership is from August to May. We do not meet or have newsletters  in June or July. We do accept membership at any time and will adjust dues AFTER the Spring Sale.

We offer:

Monthly Newsletters
Monthly Meetings (usually held 2nd Thursday of each month)
Holiday Parties for all your children (Christmas, Spring, Fall)
Automatic Consignor number for our sales.
Playgroups (attendance permitting)
Mothers Day Dinner 

Please call our voicemail if you would like to speak to our
Vice President of New Membership at 678-884-9560.
Emily  will be happy to speak to you in detail about what
we offer and she will be happy to send you a Membership
 She also will tell you the exact dues amount to be paid.  Amount depends on the time you are joining the club.  Our membership runs August to May.